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ZX Computing Magazine

ZX Computing Magazine was "Britains's Biggest Magazine for the Sinclair User", published from 1982-1987 by Argus Press.


texts 40

The Computer Magazine Archives

machine code 37
spectrum 34
print 28
program 28
computing 24
goto 21
ihe 16
ink 15
lor 15
poke 15
computing monthly 14
tor 14
print ink 13
cls 11
print tab 11
code 10
data 10
monthly 10
randomize usr 10
return 10
beep 9
software 9
poke usr 8
gosub 7
ram pack 7
basic program 6
ihe program 6
input 6
rnd 6
thai 6
print fit 5
print paper 5
programs 5
screen 5
spectrum software 5
expert system 4
graphics 4
ihe game 4
ihe spectrum 4
knowledge base 4
mail order 4
print trb 4
ram 4
spectrum utility 4
zxc factor 4
drru 3
dynamic graphics 3
high score 3
ihe screen 3
lor ihe 3
ond 3
pause 3
plot 3
print print 3
rem print 3
screen designer 3
screen display 3
sinclair 3
tim hartnell 3
user defined 3
code program 2
computing dec 2
computing december 2
computing monlhly 2
credit card 2
disk drive 2
expert systems 2
flash 2
fuller box 2
goto val 2
hex 2
high resolution 2
light screen 2
power supply 2
print bright 2
print flash 2
print inverse 2
prper 2
ram disc 2
rand usr 2
screen machine 2
software checklist 2
spectrum sound 2
ual 2
variable names 2
word processing 2
adventure 1
amx mouse 1
april 1
arcade game 1
arcade games 1
argus specialist 1
art studio 1
assembly language 1
august 1
basic 1
beta basic 1
bin 1
bobby bearing 1
border colour 1
bulletin boards 1
caps shift 1
carol brooksbank 1
cash book 1
character set 1
charing cross 1
command routine 1
compuling monthly 1
computer graphics 1
computing august 1
computing octfnov 1
computing october 1
computing summer 1
copy 1
cursor 1
dan dare 1
data bin 1
deadly apple 1
dec ember 1
define procedure 1
direct command 1
disc 1
disc drive 1
display file 1
draw 1
draw ink 1
drru drru 1
drru url 1
drtfi 1
drtr 1
enter 1
extended basic 1
fielding 1
football fortunes 1
fret fret 1
game 1
gosub val 1
graphics cursor 1
hardware required 1
hen goto 1
hen print 1
hex dump 1
ihe graphics 1
ihe number 1
ihls game 1
including vat 1
inclusive mail 1
input flash 1
int tab 1
inverse print 1
irom 1
irom ihe 1
joystick interface 1
july 1
king lever 1
laser basic 1
learn series 1
left hand 1
lemon lemon 1
light force 1
loader 1
loader program 1
magnetic scrolls 1
main cursor 1
marble madness 1
marker cursor 1
martial arts 1
master unit 1
mastering machine 1
melbourne house 1
microcomputing service 1
mode caps 1
module kit 1
molecule man 1
mscript file 1
ooo ooo 1
operating system 1
orange orange 1
origin cursor 1
output port 1
paper 1
peek 1
personality test 1
print hgitab 1
print itab 1
print pfiper 1
print prper 1
printer 1
pro pascal 1
professional astrologer 1
program lines 1
program listing 1
program written 1
programming course 1
programming skills 1
ram discs 1
ram packs 1
ram price 1
ramdisc serial 1
random access 1
english 40
Date Published
Topics: print, goto, scroll, program, ink, ram, programs, computing, gosub, print ink, print tab, hardware...
Topics: print, program, spectrum, computing, code, programs, data, software, poke, machine code, high...
Topics: print, goto, data, cls, spectrum, gosub, ink, beep, tab, print tab, machine code, print inverse,...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, cls, input, drtr, computing, program, drtfi, print print, machine code,...
Topics: program, ihe, disc, lor, tor, computing, game, code, screen, ram, computing monthly, silicon disc,...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, program, computing, input, sinclair, rnd, poke, plot, computing dec, machine...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, data, ink, poke, computing, ual, gosub, machine code, rand usr, print ink,...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, plot, ink, drru, software, rnd, beep, computing december, print ink, machine...
Topics: print, goto, gosub, ram, input, program, programs, cls, computing, machine code, ram pack,...
Topics: ihe, program, lor, spectrum, tor, code, computing, routine, thai, monthly, computing monthly,...
Topics: ihe, program, lor, spectrum, code, tor, computing, basic, irom, wllh, computing monthly, machine...
Topics: ihe, program, lor, computing, tor, thai, spectrum, ond, software, monthly, computing monthly,...
Topics: print, ink, beep, poke, pause, data, cls, spectrum, graphics, randomize usr, draw ink, print...
Topics: print, return, goto, bin, ink, spectrum, data, beep, cls, data bin, machine code, poke usr, rem...
Topics: print, drru, spectrum, goto, computing, ink, sinclair, software, program, machine code, print trb,...
Topics: print, goto, return, ink, poke, gosub, beep, spectrum, flash, gosub val, print tab, print ink,...
Topics: print, ink, data, return, beep, spectrum, program, ual, goto, print ink, print paper, machine code,...
Topics: ihe, program, print, tor, ram, poke, computing, input, lor, spectrum, computing monthly, machine...
Topics: print, return, ink, spectrum, gosub, data, goto, ihe, paper, print tab, print paper, machine code,...
Topics: print, goto, poke, spectrum, ink, rnd, return, software, prper, print ink, machine code, udg mode,...
Topics: ihe, spectrum, lor, program, screen, tor, graphics, tasword, software, thai, machine code, laser...
Topics: print, goto, program, computing, spectrum, input, programs, software, gosub, machine code, print...
Topics: program, ihe, spectrum, computing, tor, monthly, lor, april, poke, thai, computing monthly, machine...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, rnd, drru, plot, ink, program, url, machine code, print ink, drru url,...
Topics: ihe, lor, program, spectrum, computing, tor, monthly, cursor, thai, screen, computing monthly,...
Topics: print, draw, goto, return, spectrum, computing, poke, program, cls, computing october, machine...
Topics: print, beep, ink, cls, spectrum, poke, pause, flash, return, print ink, spectrum utility, print...
Topics: ihe, lor, program, computing, graphics, monthly, spectrum, tor, july, ond, computing monthly,...
Topics: ihe, program, spectrum, computing, lor, tor, print, sinclair, programs, monthly, computing monthly,...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, beep, poke, software, ink, rnd, cls, peek, machine code, poke usr, richard...
Topics: ihe, program, computing, tor, lor, screen, spectrum, monthly, code, august, computing monthly,...
Topics: ihe, program, lor, computing, code, tor, poke, printer, monthly, computing monthly, thai, machine...
Topics: program, ihe, computing, monthly, data, tor, code, lor, poke, spectrum, computing monthly, machine...
Topics: program, print, code, hex, skill, fielding, type, goto, machine code, scoreboard
Topics: print, return, poke, spectrum, goto, cls, data, software, program, machine code, spectrum utility,...
Topics: ihe, program, computing, print, monthly, tor, spectrum, lor, adventure, code, computing monthly,...
Topics: print, goto, ink, spectrum, rnd, prper, input, return, cls, print ink, start row, print fit, master...
Topics: ihe, code, lor, program, spectrum, screen, computing, ond, graphics, print, computing monthly,...
Topics: trn, hex, program, enter, return, unplot, copy, valley, hex dump, loader, trn return, loader program
Topics: print, beep, goto, spectrum, cls, poke, data, pause, computing, machine code, print tab, print...